Our Story


Who are we?

GreyWolf Brewing Co is owned by a local husband and wife team, Cheli and Chad. Cheli spent many of her early formative years living in Norco and is familiar with the rural family oriented lifestyle of Norco, which she knows will make this town a perfect fit for the Brewery.  Chad is a native of Orange, CA and after meeting Cheli learned of the benefits to living in the Inland Empire.


What drives us?

Exceptional Beer.  Our mission is to create ales and lagers that make everlasting memories.  


Our Story

Like many small craft breweries GreyWolf Brewing Co has it's roots in homebrewing.  Chad's journey into homebrewing started in June of 2011 when he used a homebrew kit to brew "Old Castle" brown ale in the driveway.  Chad considers the day a success since the beer was NOT infected, although he doesn't have 

much else to say about the beer.  After the first brew he acquired the book How to Brew by John Palmer and realized the first step to brewing good beer was to "throw away the kit instructions."

From that point forward Chad began experimenting and learning how to make great beer.  Eventually he connected with a few local home brew clubs and his knowledge expanded exponentially.  After a few years of practice Chad decided to enter his first home brew competition and unexpectedly took first place in the Belgian Strong category with his Belgian Tripel.  His ability to brew had greatly evolved from simply following kit instructions to an expert at producing award winning brews. Today multiple beers of his have reached the finals of the National Homebrew Competition and he is pursuing his dream of turning his passion into a profession.