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What is GreyWolf Brewing?

Slated for opening in the Spring of 2020, GreyWolf Brewing will create art on the canvas that is the new enlightened beer drinker's palate. Why "GreyWolf?" The grey wolf is the species that brings balance to nature, we will be bringing balance to your glass. 


Our beer

When making the best beer, one must start with the finest and freshest ingredients. At GreyWolf Brewing we do exactly that. We painstaking search for the best ingredients of malted barley, hops, and yeast, to put the best beer into your glass. Our path down the rabbit hole of brewing started as a homebrewing hobby. We started with recipes created by others and found that the beer we wanted was just a little different. After years of honing our craft to create amazing award winning beers that we feel are second to none, we felt compelled to share them with the world.


Our focus

Our number one focus is quality. As consumers ourselves, we recognize that there are many options out there for locally crafted beer. We strive to make the best out there, and hope that as soon as you taste it, you too will agree that the love and passion we put into each glass is exactly that.

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GreyWolf Brewing Co.

1780 Town and Country Drive Suite 101, Norco, California 92860, United States